Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On the firing line

Rachel is a member of two different shooting sports clubs. For 4-H, she's on the Junior squad, and for the Skeet shooters she's on the Pi sqaud. She's also completed and earned her Hunter's Safety Ed certification.

What's this called?

Rachel is trying to teach her birds too many tricks at one time. But hey! at least she's paying attention to her pets.
This is not a piggy back ride. The 'big' bird is a two week old 4-H bird and the rider is a one week old Cherry Legger.

More 4-H

4-H is keeping us busy. The girls led the Pledges at the annual Banquet. They are also Honor Members again. Rachel competed in Indoor O'Rama performing "It's a long road to freedom" acapella. She didn't win, but she did a very good job for her first time. Emily went on to District competition in Broiler BBQ and placed 3rd. Also a good job. Next week will be Outdoor O'Rama and both have plans to compete in dairy foods and baked goods.

Broiler BBQ comp.

Last month was our County Broiler BBQ. Both girls competed and Emily took first place! I wish I could have got a photo of her when they announced her name. Those pretty blue eyes were dancing. She was so thrilled that she pulled me in front of her and tried to hide.


You know spring has finally arrived when you start finding the wild flowers popping up. After all of this years snow, I'm more than ready for green things.

Calendar Op

Rachel loves trying to pose her chicks. These are the new 4-H birds at 3 days old. She wants to train one to do tricks and has settled on teaching one how to beat a drum.

Here we go again

It's that time of year again. Our chicks have arrived for this year's 4-H Poultry Chain. Twenty Five one day old fluff balls. This batch seems to be much more aggresive than past years, but they are going to fit into our schedule just fine. It's kinda funny to have birds that want to stay up all night though.