Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Precious babies

Precious babies delight the heart when all is dark and dim.
They shine a light that breaks the haze and gives us peace within.
How could I continue another day had I not the chance to see.
The spirit, and the enchantment that shines on thier face for free.
Lord, grant to me, a simple desire...
that i shall never be.
Without the company of those blessed.
with innocence and purity.


Hey Little froggie,
listen to me.
You'd have more fun
living in a tree.
High rise accomodations
aren't just for the birds.
Just wanted to mention that
in case you hadn't heard.
Oh! Leave me alone!!!
Go Away, I say!
Let me crawl in my home.
I don't want to play.
The grass is all brown,
the weeds are all drooping.
The dogs are panting,
and the birds have stopped cooing.
It's simply too hot
On this August day.