Tuesday, October 14, 2014

God' Promise

Some days just start at as "Ugggh's"...
Rainy, windy, chilly, yucky..
Sick babies, flat tires, a to do list a mile long..
A spirit that feels overwhelmed, resigned, and stuck..

And then the Lord gives us mercy.

Today started out as one of those Uggh days, and then the Lord was there.

Against all odds, we left the house on time.
Miss Thing actually moved over to her side of the road and didn't remind me that I am NUMBER ONE as we passed each other on the dirt road.
The creeks were passable.
And coming around the bend in the road we were greeted with the sight of one of the most vibrant and lovely rainbows I've ever had the pleasure to view.

Thank you Father for the beauty you place in our lives. Thank you for uggh days too. The stark contrast between the two extremes that drive home how great and majestic you are. They remind me that even a small act of kindness can bring joy and sunshine to someone's day and brighten in a way that reflects your love and grace. Thank you for Rachel having her camera with us and taking this photo for us to remember your grace when we have the next Ugh day.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Prayers of thanksgiving
Resound from my heart.
Almighty God,
I lift my soul to you in gratitude and
No where, have we been promised that life would be easy...that being a Christian means all our troubles are over and if some one has led you to believe that.....then it's time to find some new material to read.
Some times life just plain does not work according to plan...not our human plan...not the way we think it should be. Tires go flat, money doesn't go far enough, the roof leaks, the dog bites. Such is life. No, it's not easy..but ya' know what? God did make us a promise and he keeps it every second of the day. He promises that you will not be alone...that HE will be there with you through every step of your trials.
When my life gets tough, it is easy to hold on to my God...to know he is there...I see his majesty with every sunrise, hear his wrath and power in every storm, and feel his comfort in the light of the Son. So, I chin-up, take a deep breath and Praise my Savior. I will make it because God is carrying me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Silly Story

I have tried to teach my children not to be bored. Occasionally, they forget and I hear those words "Mom, I'm bored"....
Well, Emily slipped up so I had her help me write a new story. I write a few lines...she adds a few lines...until the story is done or they find something un-boring to do. Here is our silly story creation:
In July, it's hot and dry.
So, I grabbed the cat and went out back.
On the way, I.........
Kissed a Frog...
That was sitting on a dirty log.
He looked at me with certain dread.
I thought for sure that I was dead...
But then the frog, he ribbit and croaked..
He told me that my shirt was soaked..
and if I would just bring him a dollar,
He promised he wouldn't tell or hollar.
It made my day that he felt that way,
And I thought, well...what the hey.
Since he had such a good attitude,
            THE  END

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On the firing line

Rachel is a member of two different shooting sports clubs. For 4-H, she's on the Junior squad, and for the Skeet shooters she's on the Pi sqaud. She's also completed and earned her Hunter's Safety Ed certification.

What's this called?

Rachel is trying to teach her birds too many tricks at one time. But hey! at least she's paying attention to her pets.
This is not a piggy back ride. The 'big' bird is a two week old 4-H bird and the rider is a one week old Cherry Legger.

More 4-H

4-H is keeping us busy. The girls led the Pledges at the annual Banquet. They are also Honor Members again. Rachel competed in Indoor O'Rama performing "It's a long road to freedom" acapella. She didn't win, but she did a very good job for her first time. Emily went on to District competition in Broiler BBQ and placed 3rd. Also a good job. Next week will be Outdoor O'Rama and both have plans to compete in dairy foods and baked goods.

Broiler BBQ comp.

Last month was our County Broiler BBQ. Both girls competed and Emily took first place! I wish I could have got a photo of her when they announced her name. Those pretty blue eyes were dancing. She was so thrilled that she pulled me in front of her and tried to hide.


You know spring has finally arrived when you start finding the wild flowers popping up. After all of this years snow, I'm more than ready for green things.

Calendar Op

Rachel loves trying to pose her chicks. These are the new 4-H birds at 3 days old. She wants to train one to do tricks and has settled on teaching one how to beat a drum.

Here we go again

It's that time of year again. Our chicks have arrived for this year's 4-H Poultry Chain. Twenty Five one day old fluff balls. This batch seems to be much more aggresive than past years, but they are going to fit into our schedule just fine. It's kinda funny to have birds that want to stay up all night though.