Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Bah Humbug"

Well, here it is: that time of year,
and I sit and struggle,
trying to find
Christmas cheer.
Where did it go,
that wonder of old.
The joy and the songs
that I used to hold.
I struggle against
the stress and the strife,
trying to survive
another day of life.
Avoiding the bustle,
the madness, the drills,
the unfairness of it all.
Overwhelmed by the bills.
And so, once again 
I drag out the tree,
the box of ornaments,
and memories.
My treasures of old
tarnished silver, chipped gold 
pulled from the storage,
dark and cold...
cold like my spirit.
what's happened to me?
Why can't I rejoice.
I'd rather be three.
We pull from the box,
stars, ribbons and bows.
Glittering lights, and their
hearts are aglow.
Ah, and as my children
Exclaim with each one,
I live once again
in the glow of the Son.
I remember that ball,
How it glittered and shined.
Lights catching the eyes,
reflecting in mine.
How they hypnotized my thoughts
And my wishes, they grew.
I never had doubts, I was sure.
I just knew.
Through the window of their eyes,
I catch again, with surprise,
The stirrings of hope and harmony
Of love and joy, and company.
The ember burns,
and grows and warms
and fills my December
with joyous songs.
Look through the eyes
of the child, my friend.
To find what is lost,
to hope once again.
~dec. 18, 2007