Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow for my princess

So, guess who's not going any where? LOL Yep, that would be me. Snow in Arkansas is usually limited to a dozen flakes or so. This year, I think we're making up for all those years of no snow.

I'm not sure who likes it more....the Huskey's or the twins. You should have seen Bob. He tried so hard to find his ball buried under all of it. He still hasn't...and both he and the girls have dug all over the circle yard trying to locate it.

I love how this old cedar trees weighed down with snow always shelters the rabbits. It makes such a great wind break that they're nice and much so as if i had a heater in there.

Wally and his ladies were not as fortunate this storm. The wind direction must have changed during the night and caused the drifts. In any case, he's not letting his girls far from his sight. They are still laying...ten eggs today from 7 layers. I got 6 yesterday.

The poor guineas and wyandottes...They're my free range birds. Guineas, for those of you that don't know; are an African bird. They do not know what to think of this snow. They wouldn't walk out of thier coop....more to follow.

Mr. Wyandotte. It's a good thing he doesn't weigh much and can pratically stand on top of the snow. Otherwise, it would be past his belly.

Mrs. Wyandotte...and the Guinea is "Miss Ginny". I laugh when I see these two. The only thing missing in the photo is a fence that they can gossip over.

Looking out at the woods from the back yard.

more back yard...

Camalinda rode around on Rachel's arm until I made her put him down. The snow is deeper than he is and he does not wish to try and tunnel through it.

From the edge of the woods looking out over the house towards Uncle Tim's mountain. If the sun were shining, it would be blinding. The twins wanted to know if this was a blizzard. They were both sure that it had to be. Nope. just a heavy snow......The stinkers had to get confirmation from grandma that it was not a blizzard. They've come to the conclusion that this is more snow in one day than they've had in their entire lives.

The road to the pond....

and the pond...completely frozon over, but not thick enough for skating. No animal tracks either so the bear and deer are not moving out of their dens yet.

They're ready for snow ice cream. Good thing about country snow is it's pretty clean.

Rach, trying to get even, caught in the act of shaking the tree so that it would dump snow on Emily.

How come grown up's don't appreciate snow the way kids do?

I guess I'm more of a chicken.....I'd just as soon not be in the snow.

Miss Ginny has decided to roost in a tree. Mrs. Wyandotte was under her on the ground and not at all happy that she couldn't quite get high enough to join her.

All of the schools are closed, a good number of the businesses, church has been cancelled, some of the towns are even keeping their officers home unless called out for an emergency. We ended up with a total of one inch ice buried under 6 inches of very wet heavy snow. The kind that is perfect for making snow forts and snow balls and snow angels.... It seems like much more trying to walk through it. I do wish I had a 400 mm lens for my camera. I'd love to photograph some of the song birds. They are most lovely against all the white.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

QT Posters

Here's one for ya! Every year in Scouts, I have 'my' girls make body posters. This year the twins helped and made some too. After they finished them, we cut them out and taped them to their bedroom doors. Just another fun thing to keep us busy.


The new year brought snow. Anyone care to have it? I've seen enough of the white stuff to last me the rest of my life. Chickies weren't to excited about it either. They wouldn't come out of thier coop for days. They acted like they were afraid to step on it. As you can see in the photo, the girls tried to 'encourage' them by putting Carmalinda outside.......first chance he got, he flew straight back into the coop.
I should also mention that the bantams started laying. Surprised all of us because of the extreme cold and lack of sunlight.