Tuesday, October 14, 2014

God' Promise

Some days just start at as "Ugggh's"...
Rainy, windy, chilly, yucky..
Sick babies, flat tires, a to do list a mile long..
A spirit that feels overwhelmed, resigned, and stuck..

And then the Lord gives us mercy.

Today started out as one of those Uggh days, and then the Lord was there.

Against all odds, we left the house on time.
Miss Thing actually moved over to her side of the road and didn't remind me that I am NUMBER ONE as we passed each other on the dirt road.
The creeks were passable.
And coming around the bend in the road we were greeted with the sight of one of the most vibrant and lovely rainbows I've ever had the pleasure to view.

Thank you Father for the beauty you place in our lives. Thank you for uggh days too. The stark contrast between the two extremes that drive home how great and majestic you are. They remind me that even a small act of kindness can bring joy and sunshine to someone's day and brighten in a way that reflects your love and grace. Thank you for Rachel having her camera with us and taking this photo for us to remember your grace when we have the next Ugh day.