Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Pickle Tree

Okay, I know what you're thinking. These are photos of a cucumber plant in my garden. But let me tell you what happened a few years ago and then you'll understand why I call it a pickle tree.
I had just come from working in the garden when one of my sisters and her family arrived for a visit. After a quick wash up, I was pouring all of us a cup of coffee when she noticed the bushel of cucumbers I'd harvested and asked me what in the world I was going to do with that many cukes.
While it was obvious to apparently wasn't to her. Okay. Well, I told her...I'm getting ready to make pickle relish like grandma used to make. My family goes through at least 60 pints of it a year and I was almost out. Her next remark floored me. See...there's not THAT many years between us, and we were both raised the same way. I know she's blonde...but ummm....
"You can't make relish out of cucumbers" "You have to use pickles" she said.
I asked her where she thought pickles came from........"Uh....a pickle tree!" Sheesh, doesn't everyone know that.
I'll leave it to you to guess which sister it was. :)

What are you looking at?


Friday, June 27, 2008


laughter is tiny raindrops of happiness that spill over the soul and fill our hearts with hopes and memories.
laughter is a prism reflecting all the beauties in our lives...seeing christmas lights through the eyes of a child, accomplishing your goal, watching your children play with their grandparents....
laughter is a sauve for the wounded, a balm for the weary, and a blessing to all who stop to hear.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Silly songs

Away down under, in the paw paw patch.
I met a girl who's shoes didn't match.
She dilly'd and she dallied and she stole my heart away.
And when i asked it back again,
all that she could say....
Away down under,
where the tall fern grow,
I met a boy that i didn't even know.
He flited and he skirted
and he stole my heart away,
and when i asked it back again..
all that he could say

Away down under
in the paw paw patch....
stay away from there
if your shoes don't match.

What if?

What if i stumble, what if i fall?
The Lord picks me up in no time at all.
He tends to my hurts,
and shines light on the way.
Giving me hope for another day.

Father, You are my comfort,
my strength, and my song.
I look to the day when you bring me home.
In the meantime, my mission you've given to me,
steadfastly standing and shining for thee.

Lord, and if i stumble, I am sure you will be,
loving and faithfull as always to me.
Once again, you'll pick me up
and wash off the dirt,
loving and teaching and healing the hurt.


The passing of the seasons,
The swinging doors of time,
The many roads before us,
Which one do I claim as mine?

Forever onward trodding,
Back we can not go.
The path leads us forward
Where ever we choose to go.

The storms, although gloomy
are necessary to see
all the rays of hope
ahead of you and me.

The best we can hope for
During the rains and bright sunshine
Is a friend to walk beside us
who likes us most the time.
~pj johnson 6-4-2007 cr

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Delighted to see you! Come sit for a spell.

Let me pour you some coffee. I hope you've been well.

Hey did ya' hear the news going round.

They found that ol' guy, looks like he drowned.

Makes me wonder to know if Ms. Catrina is safe.

Will she come back to town after her escape.

Thought I'd go by Miss Connies tomorrow.

She's been doing fine, but I'm worried of late. She's giving stuff away, and she cleaned up the gate. Boy, don't her gardens look fit for faeries! Yes, I'll give her a hug. She's had enough worries.

build it and they will come??

Actually, the chicks are already here and they're not very fond of the crunched quarters they're currently in.
At this point, framing is finished, sides have been wired, there's a sweet suite of nesting boxes on the second floor, and it's time to paint. Good job twinados! It's time to move it to the field and get the chicks into it.

frustrations cont.

lesson hurts when you hammer your thumb instead of the nail.

Poor Rachel. She just is not a tool kinda person. Much more of a tree-hugger. She is determined though...chickie needs a new home.

frustration and building a new home

So, I just learned something. You...well, *I* can't upload a ton of photos all at once on dial up. Sheesh, it took thirty minutes just to share this single one. Blogging might not gain the top of my list of favorites if that continues. Especially, since my main objective was to combine my photos with my writings. ok. enough said.
The building don't care what it is. If you start to build a new home, you are going to have frustration. It's the nature of the beast. In this case, we've begun building new arks for our baby chickens. Miss Em did a wonderful job assisting dad with all the sawing. In the background you can see the begginings of the frame.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I AM...

I AM but a single breath in time. I wonder what lasting legacy can I possibly accomplish in such a short moment?

I AM a butterfly. I stuggle to break out of my cocoon so that I might flit from flower to flower and bask in the sun. I am anxious to spread my wings and drink life's nectar. I wonder if I have what it takes to keep trying because so often I am tired and it would be easier to give up. ....To stay in my shell and slowly fade away.

I AM a fisherman, casting about in the sea of life. I bait my hook and cast, hoping to reel in a dream or two. I wonder why; life, in her cruelness only sends me stick bass.

I AM a precious sterling silver tea set, placed on the shelf and forgottten. Tarnished with age and neglect, I wonder If I will ever again feel appreciated and useful. If only someone would take the time to pay attention to me, I would once again shine and grace the table.

I AM the foundation of our family. While so much is constantly piled on top of me; I remain strong and sturdy. I am the corner stone. Set firmly and squared, so that all that comes after me will not fall. ....will NOT fail. My children view life thru the windows that I hold. My husband can be confident that his castle will stand forever. My neighbors and community are assured that they have a safe house in thier midst. My God sees his banner flying high from the towers. But I I enough? Can I stand thru another tornado. When the next storm assails my walls, can I still find the strength to stand?