Friday, October 10, 2008

Practical joker

Last night as supper was cooking, I went in to help my twins clean up thier rooms (AGAIN).....and while picking up toys, noticed a snake coming into the room from the crack by the door frame!!!!!!!!!!  ACCKKK

Hubby, of course, is at mom must deal. I captured it...and got it out of my house with both of us still alive and only slightly panicky.

Returned to cleaning.........and there was another one. OMG....this one, however; was coming out of the bathroom, and there was another coming up the water pipe to the tub where it comes out of the floor. Got those also.......EIGHT snakes later, totally traumatized, close to tears, and shaking like a leaf in a hurricane, I put supper on the table, fixed myself a very strong pot of coffee, drank the whole pot and tried to calm down.

Needless to say.....about an hour later....potty duty called and I went into the bathroom to find that one(or both?) of my dear 10 year old daughters had placed a "real life looking" rubber snake on the rug in front of the toliet.

Hey!!!........are you laughing???? my husband was when I called and told him about it. It's ok...I can *see* the funny in it.........I am just not impressed. I am not laughing. well, ok...a snicker....occasionally.

isn't that trick something boys are supposed to do???