Monday, October 17, 2011


Prayers of thanksgiving
Resound from my heart.
Almighty God,
I lift my soul to you in gratitude and
No where, have we been promised that life would be easy...that being a Christian means all our troubles are over and if some one has led you to believe that.....then it's time to find some new material to read.
Some times life just plain does not work according to plan...not our human plan...not the way we think it should be. Tires go flat, money doesn't go far enough, the roof leaks, the dog bites. Such is life. No, it's not easy..but ya' know what? God did make us a promise and he keeps it every second of the day. He promises that you will not be alone...that HE will be there with you through every step of your trials.
When my life gets tough, it is easy to hold on to my know he is there...I see his majesty with every sunrise, hear his wrath and power in every storm, and feel his comfort in the light of the Son. So, I chin-up, take a deep breath and Praise my Savior. I will make it because God is carrying me.


Chelle said...

I LOVE this!

Marilyn Hodgin said...

For some reason, your blog showed up on my Chrome page today. How sweet to be able to 'see' you again! Hope all is well. I love butterflies, too.

Marilyn Hodgin said...

For some reason, your page showed up on my Chrome page. What a delightful surprise to get to 'see' you! I hope all is well.

I like butterflies, too.